Launch of our self service full stack cloud.

Prana Systems, LLC. is proud to announce the launch of our self service full stack cloud The platform is designed to assist the individual developers, tech entrepreneurs and IT professionals to quickly build, test and scale cloud solutions. Included with this service is unmetered bandwidth, distributed denial of service protection, disruptively priced cloud instances, all managed through a beautiful user interface (WEBUI) or application programming interface (API).

You have complete control over every aspect of your network of cloud instances, full root access, and generous amounts of internet bandwidth. We’ve untangled the metering from the data transfer so you’ll never get an unreasonable or unexpected bill if your hot new app takes off.

The platform is a pay as you go with 100mbps unmetered bandwidth, DDOS protection integrated in, unlimited firewall rules & load balancer rules, and disruptively priced cloud instances to go along with it.

Built on Apache Cloudstack

In our tradition of supporting and using open source software we’ve based our full stack solution on Apache Cloudstack (version 4.8) powered by XenServer (version 6.5) virtualization. This is a fully integrated Citrix solution that has been the cornerstone of our services for the last 6 years.

Additional Features

  • 100mbps unmetered bandwidth
  • DDOS protection
  • Integrated firewall, load balancer, and VPN
  • Unlimited firewall and load balancer rules
  • Full stack API access with AWS & Google compatibility
  • Manual and recurring snapshots
  • Template creation
  • Disruptively priced